Shopping Kart ‘Basic’, basic reference.

2 fixed rear wheels with basic mobility.

Ideal for large places.

Allows only the inclination of the basket.

In-Molding labelling.

No need for the customer to rotate the basket.

One piece (MONOBLOCK).



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Baskets and trolleys, Shopping Kart.


Wide range of colours


Modern and ergonomic design


More capacity, less space


100% recyclable

Wide range of colours

Paleta Pantone

Custom colours with reference ranges © Pantone colour to match the brand or supermarket.


Find your colour



Resist large amount of weight. No extendable handles, no rivets, no paint, no iron or the like. Shopping Kart is made of one piece, MONOBLOCK type. Therefore, we can say that the duration of use is much higher than other similar products.

Modern and ergonomic design


Designed for any height, they can be pushed comfortably. Optimal for disabled people. Modern and colourful, with textured plastic.


More power, less space



Baskets full capacity in the smallest possible space, 60 litres. 

(See below dimensions)

D2W and 100% recyclable


D2W our baskets contain an additive, which allows biodegradation within the environment. It does not pollute or increases the carbon footprint. 100% recyclable plastic.

Greater manoeuvrability


Allows 360 ° manoeuvrability without any effort. Great manoeuvrability in narrow aisles and tight areas.

Copolymer Polypropylene plastic –

Capacity of 60 litres –

Radiofrequency antitheft labelling 8,2MHz –

Standard colours Red, Green, Blue and Black –

Dimensions 68 cm x 39 cm x 40 cm –

– Integrated with basket handles (Monoblock)

– Weight of 1,900 kg.

– Custom labelling in IML

– Custom colours with Pantone gammas

– Silent wheels

– Made in the EC

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Are you interested in another Shopping Kart product?

Portashopping Kart


4 wheels 360º

2 wheels with manual brake

Material: sturdy metal

More details

The Portashopping kart is an article that can have two functions:

  • It can be used to transport two-wheeled stacked baskets inside the centre.
  • It can be placed in several places in the store with stacked baskets and so customers have a place to leave and pick up the baskets

Standard colours: yellow and black

Shopping Kart 360º

Reference: 360º

No inclination required

Small and large corridors

360º Mobility

More details

It is thought and designed to fit the needs of both small and large corridors. It allows a 360º mobility and great displacement with the basket in its natural vertical position, without the need of inclination.

Shopping Kart 360º plus

Reference: 360º PLUS


LESS effort

More customer manageability

More details

This is the Premium format of the Shopping Kart by Glhoe range. Within its possibilities the basket allows even more manageability, the customer can use the basket with hardly any effort.



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