Shopping Kart

Here at Glhoe, we are pleased to present the first MONOBLOC basket, adaptable to any situation or need. Knowing the needs of our customers and thanks to our experience in the sector, we have created a product with excellent quality and safety.

Thanks to the Monobloc structure, Shopping Kart is almost indestructible. It features no extensible or telescoping handles, no paint, no rivets without iron or the like. Durability is far superior to other market baskets.

Baring in mind the importance of space in small areas, they are designed so that its 60 litre capacity, occupies less space than other market baskets with less capacity.



Shopping Kart, our models can be equipped with anti-theft accessory Radio Frequency 8.2 MHz, for all kinds of DSP systems. This is built into the basket, which is exclusively plastic, therefore preventing interference and other problems with these systems.


Transport accessory for Shopping Kart facilitates moving stacked baskets. Designed especially for the Basic model for two-wheel configuration, it can also be used for models 360 and 360 Plus. Its system of large wheels with brakes, allows maximum mobility on any surface.

IML labelling

In-Molding (IML) labelling allows our baskets to be labelled with the logo of your brand or supermarket embedded in to the plastic. This prevents your brand name falling off trolley ensuring it will always remain fully visible and in good condition.

A innovative design

They are very easy to manoeuvre, thanks to its system of pivoting wheels. Ergonomically designed and intended for any stature height, they are more than optimal for people with mobility issues or the elderly.


Shopping Kart 'Basic'

2 fixed castors

The basic model with its two rear wheels allows basic mobility within large areas and without the customer having to rotate the basket. It allows only the inclination of the basket.

Shopping Kart 360º

2 fixed wheels and 2 mobile wheels 360º 

The Model 360 is designed and developed to meet the needs of both small and large halls. 360 allows mobility and large displacement with basket in their natural upright position without tilting.

Shopping Kart 360º Plus

2 fixed wheels and 3 impellers 360

The model 360 is the Premium Plus range format. Allows even more manoeuvrability, the customer can use the basket barely any effort.

Shopping Kart. The ideal basket.